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Summer Safety for Kids

School’s out and kids are spending more time at home, sometimes unsupervised. It’s a reality of modern life; both parents often have to work. When your children are at home, do they know the basic rules of home safety? Make sure you prepare your kids for the realities of staying at home alone.
1. Have a family meeting to discuss the rules of alone time
2. Post the numbers of a trusted neighbor or two and discuss when/how to call 911
3. Tell children to never open the door to strangers—have them use a peephole and give them a short list of friends/family they can allow in
In addition to preparing your children, you need to prepare your home for summer. Cut back unruly shrubs from windows and your entry way. Install proper locks and a peephole in your front door. Even though the days are longer and brighter, don’t forget to check all your exterior lights.


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