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Privacy in your hotel room

The whole world was shocked and appalled by the video violation of ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews. And the situation begs the question, “Now what?” There is a famous business case from the 1970’s about the explosion prone Pinto automobile. The design required an $11 modification and company executives decided it wasn’t “worth it” with tragic results. Today hotels are faced with a similar though less deadly choice. Policies and procedures have not kept pace with changing technology. It is now possible for criminals to look into peepholes with a device called a reverse door viewer and see what’s going on in your hotel room. These devices were designed for use by law enforcement. There is a simple and inexpensive fix for this problem—peepholes with built in cover plates. These products allow the occupant of the room or suite to have control over the viewing lens in the door, without having to travel with bits of duct tape. If you are the owner or manager of a hotel you cannot afford to let your guests become victims of preventable stalking and peeping crimes. For a few dollars you can provide an additional level of security and privacy for your guests. It is definitely worth it.

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