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Use of peepholes in home security

How to combat home invasion

Home invasion is one of the most common and frightening crimes of modern society. According to the FBI there’s a burglary every 10 seconds and each year 1 out of every 5 families will become crime victims. A peephole in your front door can be an important line of defense for protecting yourself and your family.
Home invaders strike while someone is home. They typically use a ruse to gain entry into your home. Other times they just hope you will open the door without looking to see who’s there. Don’t.
What can you do to protect yourself?
• Install a peephole, and use it. Always look to see who is outside your door before opening the door.
• If you are not expecting a delivery, ask (through the door) for the person to show their ID, delivery order or company card.
• If you look through the peephole and see nothing, beware. An invader could be holding something over the lens to push you into opening the door. Just say, “Please back up so I can see you.”
• Hold a conversation with others who are home with you—never let on that you are alone—even if you are talking back to the television.
• Don’t be afraid to tell someone you are “busy” and can’t open the door right now. Ask them to come back at another time, when you know others will be at home.


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